Danny’s Custom Mobile Fiberglass is an Australian family run and owned company
based in Sydney which has been in operation for over 25 years, producing a wide
and varied range of products during this time. Although based in Sydney, many of
the products produced find their way right across Australia, even worldwide. As a
fibreglass pattern maker by trade, as well as a motor trimmer and steel fabricator,
Danny specialises in the ability to produce custom products, large or small for both
residential and commercial clients. From racing car spoilers to childrens beds,
water tanks to canoes, DCMF has produced them all.

As well as producing new products, DCMF also specialises consultation work and is
also adept in both residential and commercial fiberglass repairs including marine,
industrial and automotive.

The products shown on this website are just a small sample of the numerous
products which are produced, and all of these are customisable to suit your wants
and needs, the only limit is your imagination.